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OTT Video Delivery: Industry experts share experience & best practices

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What You'll Learn

AWS perspective on the OTT market

Chris Ticknor from AWS joins us to kick off the expert panel discussion, with a presentation on the OTT industry's direct-to-consumer business drivers from AWS's perspective.

Outsource vs In-house OTT development

Learn from the experts why outsourcing the build of an OTT service to a platform provider is preferable to developing one in-house, and how doing so can enable subscriber growth and ensure a quicker return on investment.

Why partnerships can be imperative to sustainable growth

Panellists share their partnership experiences and discuss how they have the potential to positively impact OTT subscriber growth and increase market share.

Meet the experts

Matthew Wilkinson, CEO at Magine Pro

Hasses Svenson, VD/CEO at Sappa

Olle Agebro, Head of Acquisition at Draken Film

María José Revaldería, Director General at FlixOlé 

Chris Ticknor, Market Expansion at AWS Media & Entertainment


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Magine Pro build branded video streaming services that enable clients to monetize and deliver live events, linear TV and VOD content to audiences around the world. They leverage years of consumer market experience to provide their partners with trusted and proven fully managed end-to-end OTT solutions.

Magine Pro’s video streaming services are cost-efficient and scalable. They provide all the tech, tools and insight you need to launch a successful video streaming service and grow it sustainably. Magine Pro works with customers across multiple sectors, such as ISPs, Sports, Content Aggregators, Film Studios and production houses, plus many more. Their customers are located in Europe, the United States as well as in emerging markets such as Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.